Up Custom Intercooler

This page contains some of the many modifications that I have completed on my XR4Ti,

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

K&N   Air Filter    

The 3" K&N Cone filter is a great first modification it replaces the stock air box  and filter. 

The performance gains can be as much as 5hp depending on application.



Cosworth Front Grill     

            A direct replacement for the stock XR4Ti grill from MC Rally.


Cosworth RS500 Rear Wing

            A great upgrade to give your XR that racing look.


ATD Red Guage Covers 

            A direct replacement for the Merkur XR4Ti gauge cluster up to 150MPH .


Blitz Turbo Timer

            An easy way to save your Turbo.  The turbo timer allows you to leave your car 

            idling and cooling down  after hard driving.  By allowing the car to idle you prevent

            oil starvation for the turbo.



KYB Struts & Shocks

            Direct replacement for the XR4Ti's shocks and struts. $50 each from


 Custom License Plate

            Just something to confuse people more. 

            XR = Experimental  Research.  4= Number of Cylinders  T= Turbo  IC= Intercooled


Custom Intercooler

After looking at the cost of the Modern Performance and Rapido IC kits I decided to try  to make my own. I purchased a Mitsubishi Starion intercooler from a auto recycler for                    $50.  As this page goes up the IC is on just finished after some quick testing the IC                    produces more power at 6psi than the stock setup at 12psi.


 Greddy Blow Off Valve 

            To prevent compressor surge I added a blow off valve to my intercooler install.


Auto Meter Gauges

                To add some piece of mind while driving my XR I purchased a few Auto Meter                     Gauges.

                Boost, Air Fuel, Oil Pressure and Water Temp.



Other Modifications

            A Pillar gauge pod from OPM

            Bat T9 short shifter

            3" Exhaust system with Sacramento Mustang Down Pipe.

            Euro Headlights

            Boost Controller


Other Modifications  Waiting to be installed.

            Turbo Coupe Vam  and Computer

            Ported Upper and Lower intakes

            Ranger Cam